STREAM’s 400th participant shares trial experience

In February 2019, Stage 2 of the STREAM Clinical Trial reached a significant milestone when it recruited its 400th patient. STREAM Stage 1 and 2 have ... Read more

Final STREAM Stage 1 results: Nine-month treatment regimen for MDR-TB comparable to 20-month regimen

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Mary Mpakibi From STREAM Uganda Tells Her Story

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The STREAM Trial Recruits Its 400th Patient

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STREAM Community Advisory Board Gives Hope To MDR-TB Patients And Family

As part of their community engagement activities, the Community Advisory Board (CAB) at the STREAM trial site in Ahmedabad, India, makes home visits t... Read more

Bringing Healthcare To The Heart Of The Community

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Community Outreach To Promote Prevention As Cold Season Begins In Mongolia

Last week, with the Mongolian common cold season in full swing, the STREAM Community Advisory Board (CAB), held its first community outreach event of ... Read more

Mongolia’s First High-Level Meeting On The Elimination Of Tuberculosis

Late last year, Mongolia held a national meeting on tuberculosis (TB): Multilateral cooperation for the elimination of tuberculosis in the context of ... Read more