Since the first quarter of this year, Vital Strategies has been hosting grants management webinars for TREAT TB partners and sites. The series –expected to continue for at least the remainder of 2020 -aims to educate partners and sites on key topics related to compliance with US government regulations. Webinar attendees, which include program, accounting, and grants staff, join from around the world to improve their ability to manage USAID grants and, in the process, extend the impact of TREAT TB.

Each webinar lasts about one hour and is organized around a single grants management topic, such as time reporting or procurement. The webinars aim to both outline US government requirements, as well as provide partners and sites with an opportunity to ask questions about how those rules apply to their TREAT TB subawards. The ultimate goal of the webinars is to build the capacity of partners to receive and manage USAID-funded awards after TREAT TB ends. Upcoming topics will include USAID branding and marking, trafficking in persons, and subaward management. These webinars are led by Vital Strategies’ Grant Managers Angel Ling, Racquel Enad, and Rajesh Goyal.

Grant Manager, Racquel Enad, at the 50th Union World Lung Conference in Hyderabad, India

To listen to past webinars and view related presentation slides, please click the links below.

Webinar 1: Financial & Foreign Taxes (VAT) Reporting: covers financial reporting, the Single Audit requirement, and how Subgrantees should complete the foreign taxes reporting template provided by Vital Strategies.

Webinar 2: Selected USAID Standard Provisions: covers the US Government’s Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA), debarment and suspension, preventing terrorist financing, and mandatory disclosures.

Webinar 3: Staff Time Reporting: covers time reporting requirements and examples of reporting templates.

Webinar 4: Property, Inventory, and Disposition: covers how USAID Standard Provisions define “Property”, how to maintain project inventory, and how Subgrantees should complete a disposition request to Vital Strategies at closeout.

A recording of the next webinars will be posted in the coming weeks.