TREAT TB aims to generate high-quality evidence to guide important public health decisions. However, knowledge generation is not enough; TREAT TB aims to build the institutions required to ensure the impact of research is sustainable. By investing in capacity building through webinars and symposia; training the researchers of the future, including training in operational research; and technical assistance, TREAT TB seeks to strengthen public health systems around the world.

Capacity Building
St Peters Tuberculosis Hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

With the arrival of new therapeutic agents for TB, there is an urgent need for evidence regarding optimal treatment regimens, especially for drug-resistant TB. It is therefore critical to develop research infrastructure for clinical trials in high burden settings in order to generate high-quality data to inform policy and drive decisions on how to improve treatment for MDR-TB. However, implementation of clinical trials on drug-resistant TB is challenging and there is a need to build capacity and increase coordination among global stakeholders to improve the existing approach to clinical trial implementation in the field.

Since its launch in 2008, TREAT TB has provided more than 170 health professionals in Peru, the Philippines, South Africa, and India with the training needed to conduct high-quality operational research independently. In addition, we support training for clinicians, laboratory scientists, pharmacists and community advisory board members as part of the STREAM clinical trial, covering topics ranging from ICH Good Clinical Practice guidelines, to microbiological testing methods (LPA, FDA vital staining, etc.), to the ethics of community engagement and Good Participatory Practices for TB trials. In addition, in 2018, TREAT TB launched a capacity building webinar series, which is exploring key implementation challenges related to clinical trials. To date, three webinars have brought together speakers from around the world to cover topics including supply chain management and community engagement.

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You can access the series of capacity building webinars here.