Country: Mongolia   -  Stage: 1 & 2

MDR-TB burden: 27 per 100,000
No. of trial sites: 1
Date first patient recruited: September 2014
WHO Fact sheet: Click here


As one of seven countries in the WHO Western Pacific Region with high TB burden, Mongolia has been selected as one of the trial sites. In 2017, estimated incidence for TB was 428 per 100 000 population. In 2017, 4,421 TB cases were notified. It is also estimated that 5.5% of new cases and 11% of previously treated cases were MDR/RR-TB. In 2015, MDR/RR-TB treatment was initiated in 255 patients, of which 60% were treated successfully.

The National Centre for Communicable Diseases (NCCD), located in Ulaanbaatar, is the main Mongolian partner for the STREAM trial. This agency is devoted to administering and managing the control, prevention, surveillance, diagnosis, and treatment of communicable diseases. One of their central goals is to reduce the spread of TB and TB-related deaths.

For STREAM Stage 1, a total of 33 participants were enrolled in Mongolia.

Given the successful implementation of Stage 1 in Mongolia the site was an excellent candidate to continue into the second stage of the trial. Mongolia was the first country to recruit patients into Stage 2 and is expected to enroll more than 100 participants by the end of recruitment in late 2019.