Download (Examining the efficacy of the short MDR-TB regimen)Download (QT prolongation and its evolution over time in STREAM 1)Download (TB medicine costs for rifampin-resistant tuberculosis treated with a shorter regimen)Download (Predictive factors of prolonged QT in STREAM trial)Download (Efficacy of Genotype MTBDRsl assay to exclude Fluoroquinolone and Second Line Injectable Drug Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis in a Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis Clinical Trial)Download (Health workers’ perception of the shorter regimen in MDR-TB treatment)Download (Experience using tablet technology for detection and monitoring of hearing loss among patients with MDR-TB in the STREAM clinical trial)Download (Evaluation of Dissemination of Preliminary Results from STREAM Stage 1)Download (Community Engagement in Research and Development: STREAM Experience in Building CAB Networks)