In July 2018, TREAT TB launched its series of capacity building webinars. Below you will find the latest webinar recordings as well as presentations made during the first three webinars in the series…

Webinar 1: Challenges with MDR-TB clinical trial implementation – Site and sponsor perspectives.

The first webinar brought together eight experts to discuss the challenges faced when implementing MDR-TB clinical trials. The presentations provided an overview of ongoing and future trials and covered various aspects of MDR-TB clinical trial implementation, such as patient recruitment, enrolment and retention, challenges encountered by sponsors and regulatory requirements such as import and export permits.

Watch the webinar here


1. MDR-TB Clinical Trials Landscape: Current & Future Trials, Dr. C. Robert Horsburgh Jr., Boston University

2. Sponsor Challenges: From Concept to Full Site Approval, Dr. Daniel Everitt, TB Alliance

3. Approvals received – Now what? Challenges in Trial Implementation, Gay Bronson, Vital Strategies, Jan Komrska, Vital Strategies, Karen Sanders, Medical Research Council

4. Challenges with MDR-TB Clinical Trials Implementation – Site Perspectives, Dr. Francesca Conradie, University of Witwatersrand

5. Challenges with MDR-TB Clinical Trial Implementation – Site perspectives, Dr. Elena Tudor, Institute of Phthisiopneumology

6. Regulatory requirements – Import and Export Permits, Dr. Bazra Tsogt, National Centre for Communicable Diseases, Mongolia


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