In July 2018, TREAT TB launched a webinar series to strengthen capacity to conduct high quality MDR-TB trials. Please see below for the first webinar in the series.

Webinar 1: Challenges with MDR-TB clinical trial implementation – Site and sponsor perspectives.

The first webinar brought together eight experts to discuss the challenges faced when implementing MDR-TB clinical trials. The presentations provided an overview of ongoing and future trials and covered various aspects of MDR-TB clinical trial implementation, such as patient recruitment, enrolment and retention, challenges encountered by sponsors and regulatory requirements such as import and export permits.

Watch the webinar here


1. MDR-TB Clinical Trials Landscape: Current & Future Trials, Dr. C. Robert Horsburgh Jr., Boston University

2. Sponsor Challenges: From Concept to Full Site Approval, Dr. Daniel Everitt, TB Alliance

3. Approvals received – Now what? Challenges in Trial Implementation, Gay Bronson, Vital Strategies, Jan Komrska, Vital Strategies, Karen Sanders, Medical Research Council

4. Challenges with MDR-TB Clinical Trials Implementation – Site Perspectives, Dr. Francesca Conradie, University of Witwatersrand

5. Challenges with MDR-TB Clinical Trial Implementation – Site perspectives, Dr. Elena Tudor, Institute of Phthisiopneumology

6. Regulatory requirements – Import and Export Permits, Dr. Bazra Tsogt, National Centre for Communicable Diseases, Mongolia


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