On 28 January 2020, Stage 2 of the STREAM clinical trial reached a significant milestone, completing enrollment with a total of 588 participants randomized to all arms of the trial. Stage 2 of the trial is evaluating the efficacy, safety, and cost-effectiveness of an all oral, bedaquiline-containing regimen for multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB), and preliminary results are expected in 2022.

STREAM Lab Tech works at the National Centre of Infectious Diseases in Alaabaatar, Mongolia, July 2017 .(Photo/Javier Galeano, Vital Strategies)
STREAM trial participant completing a hearing test at the National Centre for Communicable Diseases in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

There is an urgent need to improve MDR-TB regimens, and Stage 2 of STREAM will generate the highest quality evidence regarding efficacy, safety and cost-effectiveness of one of the newest MDR-TB treatments.

STREAM Stage 2 was funded by The United States Agency for International Development and Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the maker of bedaquiline, with additional support from the U.K. Medical Research Council through a concordat with the Department for International Development. With more than 1,000 participants recruited to both stages of the trial, STREAM is the largest recruited MDR-TB trial.

Vital Strategies, together with The Union, the Medical Research Council Clinical Trials Unit at University College London, the Institute of Tropical Medicine, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and other implementing partners, is pleased that Stage 2 could play a critical role in the development of improved MDR-TB treatments and, ultimately, in achieving better outcomes for those living with MDR-TB.

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