In late January 2019, the Uganda Ministry of Health (MoH) and the STREAM Uganda Community Advisory Board (CAB) held a community outreach event at a busy taxi rank in central Kampala.

Known as a bustling place, the MoH and the CAB set up an information centre at a taxi rank in the heart of Kampala’s central business district. Over the course of the two-day event, the MoH, CAB members, and other partners, discussed the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis (TB), making announcements over the loud speakers to share key information with anyone within earshot. People were encouraged to seek care and TB screenings were carried out. “We were able to screen over 300 individuals and collect over 80 samples for testing,” explained Ivan Kimuli, STREAM Uganda Community Liaison Officer.

Thanks to the collaboration of partners such as the Kampala Capital City Authority and Kawempe Home Care, HIV testing was also offered over the course of the two days.

STREAM CAB Uganda, CE event, Kampala

Community outreach events, such as this one, play an important role in the STREAM trial. They create opportunities for communication among community members and local stakeholders, and also raise awareness about the issue at hand. “The communities are always excited by health teams in their midst, they ask us many questions and become knowledgeable about TB,” explained Dr. Kimuli, STREAM Uganda Community Liaison Officer.

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