Last week, with the Mongolian common cold season in full swing, the STREAM Community Advisory Board (CAB), held its first community outreach event of the year. Organized in collaboration with the NCCD Medical Care and Services Department, members of the CAB visited one of the khoroos, a small administrative unit in the Bayanzurkh districtofUlaanbaatar with high rates of tuberculosis (TB).

More than 50 people came to participate in this event, along with representatives from the Family Practitioners Unit and the local Governor’s office. As part of their work to promote the prevention of seasonal colds and TB, CAB members distributed masks and vitamin C supplements.  

During the course of the event, members of the CAB highlighted how to prevent colds and pulmonary TB. They also gave updates on the STREAM Trial and highlighted upcoming events, such as community outreach activities in high burden districts of Ulaanbaatar and meetings with school-children affected by TB outbreaks.

STREAM is the first large-scale, multi-country clinical trial to examine shortened treatment regimens for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). STREAM aims to generate evidence regarding the safety and effectiveness of shorter, more tolerable MDR-TB regimens, while also improving local capacity to conduct clinical trials. Evidence generated by this trial has and will continue to contribute to development of international and national treatment guidelines.

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