This week, members of the TREAT TB team will travel to The Hague to participate in The Union’s 49th World Conference on Lung Health (WCLH). This will be an excellent opportunity to provide an update on progress made, share experiences and lessons learned, and discuss final results from Stage 1 of the STREAM Clinical Trial.

The team will host and participate in a number of sessions during the WCLH, including…

Importance of community engagement in the STREAM clinical trial

Subrat Mohanty, the STREAM community engagement coordinator in India, will present his experiences of community engagement at two STREAM trial sites. STREAM Stage 2 is working in India to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of an all-oral nine-month regimen for multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). This session will outline the key community engagement milestones achieved at the India sites during the first year of the trial. To find more information on this session, click here.

Clinical trial capacity building to address multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: challenges and the way forward

TREAT TB will hold a symposium to explore challenges and best practices in connection with MDR-TB clinical trials. Presentations will include:

  • MDR-TB clinical trial landscape overview, Robert Horsburgh Jr., United States of America
  • Ethics and regulatory capacity building, Abraham Aseffa, Ethiopia
  • Challenges and efforts in strengthening capacity of site pharmacies and pharmacists in the STREAM Trial, Jan Komrska, United States of America
  • Mycobacteriology laboratory capacity building for tuberculosis clinical trials, Gomathi N.S., India
  • Community engagement in MDR-TB clinical trials, Ezio Tavora, Brazil

To find more information on this symposium, click here.

Improving dissemination of clinical trial results – experiences in TB and HIV clinical trials

TREAT TB will facilitate a panel discussion focused on improving dissemination of clinical trial results. The panel discussion will include experts in communications, community engagement and clinical trials, with experience in both HIV and TB clinical trials. Panelists for this event will tackle issues such as making complex information accessible to all audiences, how to communicate sensitive issues, such as unfavorable or unexpected outcomes, and using results to advocate for change. You can find more information on this panel discussion here.

Final STREAM Stage 1 results with implications for implementation

TREAT TB will present the STREAM Stage 1 results and discuss implications for the implementation of the shortened regimen. The trial’s key partners, including Vital Strategies, The Medical Research Counsel at University College London and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine will participate in this symposium. Learn more about this symposium here.

You can find more information about the STREAM trial here.